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Throughout my life I have been a Jill of all trades and master of some.

I thrive on challenges and constant learning. Embarking on my UX journey, I feel like I have found my calling -

a destination where I can put my design skills and heart to benefit the user.

I take initiative, lean-in and look for ways to engage. In all my endeavors, I have been recognized and appreciated for my leadership, multifaceted skills and resourcefulness. Being someone that’s not afraid to experiment and take on new projects, I am a serial hobbyist. Acquiring and self teaching new skills come naturally to me.


Some of my projects and hobbies include singing in on-stage performances and emceeing cultural events, sewing, crafting, creating mandala art, pottery painting, candle making, apparel/memento vinyling, playing musical instruments, assembling a computer, solo glider piloting and astrophotography. I am also an active mom and STEM educator. You can check out some of my art here and my photography here.

Let's connect and explore what more I can bring to the table to add value to your organization. 

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